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Celebrating Artistry: The Seven Murals of Pincher Creek

Pincher Creek, located immediately east of the Canadian Rockies and 101 km west of Lethbridge is a charming town known for its stunning landscapes and rich history. The Pincher Creek Chamber of Economic Development launched a mural project in the late 1990s, aimed at bringing art to life within the town. These artworks, thoughtfully placed throughout Pincher Creek, tell stories of the past, honour local heritage and celebrate the artistic spirit that thrives in this small Alberta community.

“Find the Pincers” – 895 Main Street

Find the Pincers is the most recent artwork to be installed in Pincher Creek. It was created by local artist John Hancock in 2018 and captures the story of how Pincher Creek received its current name when a pair of Royal Canadian Mounted Police found a pair of pincers in the nearby creek. 

“Cattle Drive” – 1032 Bev McLachlin Drive

Cattle Drive was the second mural to be installed in Pincher Creek and was painted by Penny Corradine in 1998. The mural reflects the importance of the cattle ranching industry in the South Canadian Rockies area. Each animal in the mural is branded with a different registered brand that are still used by ranchers in the area today. 

“Downtown in the 40s and 50s” – 679 Main St and Hewetson Ave

Downtown in the 40s and 50s is one of the larger murals in Pincher Creek. It was painted by Penny Corradine in 2003 and is known for its exquisite detail. From vintage clothing to a 1949 car, this mural brings a piece of history to life as modern dwellers and visitors stroll by. 

“War: Declared” 691 Main St

War: Declared was painted by Penny Corradine in 2006 on the windows of the Historic Legion Building. It pays tribute to the men and women who risked their lives to fight in the World Wars. In 2010, Corradine returned to paint two western themed murals on the west side of the building, officially welcoming visitors to Pincher Creek. 

“Mountain Mill” – 750 Kettles St

Located on the Credit Union Building, Mountain Mill represents the rich history of the logging industry in Pincher Creek. The mural was painted by Bruce Brady in 1999 and depicts saw logs and the train trestle bridge that existed at the nearby mill. In 1911, this bridge was the longest one in Canada. 

“Sudsy’s Super Wash” – 1058 Macleod St

The mural on the side of Sudsy’s Car Wash depicts an antique car alongside a modern semi-truck, representing the evolution of the machinery in Western Canada. 

“Kootenai Brown” 1334 Veterans St

Completed in 2000 by Calgarian artist Stan Phelps, Kootenai Brown was the fourth mural to be installed in Pincher Creek. It depicts Kootenai Brown, a pioneer who settled in the Waterton area, with his second wife at his side, a Metis woman named Isabelle. 

The seven murals of Pincher Creek are more than just artworks; they are a living showcase of the town’s rich history and resilient spirit. Each mural tells a unique story. Collectively, these murals create a captivating outdoor gallery that invites visitors to explore and connect with Pincher Creek.

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